Written and to be directed by Tim Sutton (DARK NIGHT, MEMPHIS).

A wild, backwoods version of FIGHT CLUB meets NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, a man hard up for cash and determined to support his family competes in the Donnybrook, a legendary, bare-knuckle brawl where a $100,000 prize goes to the last man standing.


Written by Henry-Alex Rubin and Sean Mullin. To be directed by Henry-Alex Rubin (DISCONNECT, MURDERBALL) and starring Sam Claflin. 

On the eve of going off to fight in the war in Iraq, the youngest member of a group of army reservists is involved in a tragic bar brawl that lands him in prison. The rest of the group departs to fight in the war, but when they return to their New England hometown, they decide they must take the law into their own hands. 


Written and to be directed by Ben Wheatley (FREE FIRE, HIGH-RISE, KILL LIST). 

A re-adaptation of George Arnaud's classic 1950 novel told in only the way Ben Wheatley could tell it.

A group of desperate truckers sign on for a suicide mission to drive trucks loaded with nitroglycerin over a treacherous mountain route. 


Written by Chris Hager.

PROXIMA, a Sci-Fi drama in the vein of MOON meets BLUE VALENTINE, centers on a husband and wife astronaut team on a centuries long mission across the universe and the lengths one of them will go when the other one dies.


Written by  and to be directed by Park Chan-wook (THE HANDMAIDEN, OLD BOY).

In a futuristic world where consciousness is stored on computer chips and bodies are bought and sold on the black-market, a murdered cop is reborn into a stranger’s body in order to unravel a larger conspiracy that has reached the highest ranks of government.  


Written by Seth Lochhead.

After a former CIA assassin is exposed publicly, he struggles to keep his family safe from his enemies and from himself.