Written by Micah Bloomberg, Directed by Zachary Wigon

Set over the course of one night in a single hotel room, “Sanctuary” tells the story of a dominatrix (Margaret Qualley) and Hal (Christopher Abbott), her wealthy client. About to inherit his late father’s position and fortune, Hal tries to end their relationship, but when his attempt to cut ties backfires, disaster ensues.


Written by Jérémie Delon. 

Billy Bones, the new rap phenomena concludes his US tour at a strip club in Atlanta, leading up to a violent shootout during his performance.


Written by Helen Gaugrhan and to be directed by Nicole Dorsey.

With her sick mother dying, Maria is left in the care of a convent of nuns. There she finds one particular nun, Sister Bernadette, has a dark growing obsession for her…. 


Written by Crissy Van Meter and produced in collaboration with TeaTime Pictures.

On the eve of Evie’s wedding, a dead whale is trapped in the harbor of Winter Island, the groom may be lost at sea, and Evie’s mostly absent mother has shown up out of the blue. From there, Evie remembers and reckons with her complicated upbringing in this lush, wild land off the coast of Southern California. 


Written by Catherine S. McMullen and to be directed by Aislinn Clarke.

Shane Dunphy story that was featured on Snap Judgement podcast (episode VII, segment “A Boy named Thomas”). This is an account of what happened when Shane, a social worker and journalist, was called to investigate a case in a small Irish town, involving a young boy who had begun leaving his house at night to go into the woods surrounding his home. 


Written by Seth Lochhead.

After a former CIA assassin is exposed publicly, he struggles to keep his family safe from his enemies and from himself. 


Written by Benjamin Millepied, Loic Barrere and Lisa Loomer. Starring Elsa Pataky, Melissa Barrera, Paul Mescal.

A reluctant border patrol agent aids a Mexican Gypsy on her journey across the United States and Mexico border. With "Carmen" acclaimed dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied (“Black Swan”) will make his directorial debut, a contemporary musical drama inspired by French composer Georges Bizet’s opera. 


Written by Jonathan Stokes and to be directed by Marin Zandvliet (LAND OF MINE). 

After her team is ambushed and killed in Pakistan, a young Army Ranger must escort the world's most wanted terrorist over dangerous terrain to bring him to justice. Hunted by enemies, they must find a way to work together to survive the journey.


Written and to be directed by Ben Wheatley (FREE FIRE, HIGH-RISE, KILL LIST). 

A re-adaptation of George Arnaud's classic 1950 novel told in only the way Ben Wheatley could tell it.

A group of desperate truckers sign on for a suicide mission to drive trucks loaded with nitroglycerin over a treacherous mountain route. As they ferry their explosive cargo to a faraway oil fire, each bump and jolt tests their courage, their friendship, and their nerves.


Written by David Jagernauth to be produced by Park Chan-Wook (THE HANDMAIDEN, OLD BOY).

In a futuristic world where consciousness is stored on computer chips and bodies are bought and sold on the black-market, a murdered cop is reborn into a stranger’s body in order to unravel a larger conspiracy that has reached the highest ranks of government.