Written by Sean Byrne

A widowed single mother decides to get back in the daitng scene, but things go horribly wrong when a dating app puts her on collision course with a twisted serial killer who uses the app as his personal hunting ground. 


Written by Crissy Van Meter and produced in collaboration with TeaTime Pictures.

On the eve of Evie’s wedding, a dead whale is trapped in the harbor of Winter Island, the groom may be lost at sea, and Evie’s mostly absent mother has shown up out of the blue. From there, Evie remembers and reckons with her complicated upbringing in this lush, wild land off the coast of Southern California. 


Written by Pat Bishop, Matt Ingrebretson, and Jake Weisman

A beleagured editor attempts to save the feminist slasher film she's working on from being tarnishing by any means necessary. 


Written by Scott Coffey and Blair Mastbaum (IT TAKES THREE)

After Genevieve brings her enigmatic new boyfriend Alexei to her seemingly idyllic family home, she must summon the courage to save her family when Alexei begins psychologically hunting  them, exposing their buried secrets and desires. 


Written by and to be directed by Sebastián Gutiérrez (ELIZABETH HARVEST)

In order to promote her latest novel, reclusive literary giant Vivan S. Ballard agrees to a rare interview with a former student of hers at the remote lake house Vivian shares with her young wife. When Vivian's reckless daughter Silvina shows up during a brutal thunderstorm, she sets off a chain of reactions that change the four women's fate. 


Written by Paul Schrader (FIRST REFORMED, TAXI DRIVER)

Former sheriff Ben Stride, haunted by the loss of his wife in a botched cartel kidnapping, hunts down the nine men responsible for his death. 


Written by David Jagernauth to be produced by Park Chan-Wook (THE HANDMAIDEN, OLD BOY).

In a futuristic world where consciousness is stored on computer chips and bodies are bought and sold on the black-market, a murdered cop is reborn into a stranger’s body in order to unravel a larger conspiracy that has reached the highest ranks of government.


Written by Nathan Silver and C. Mason Wells; to be directed by Nathan Silver  (BETWEEN THE TEMPLES, THIRST STREET)

Mimi, daughter of opera star Livia Angelli, wants one thing and one thing only: her mother’s love. The problem is that Livia, diva on both stage and in life, is only capable of loving herself, and ignores her daughter’s pleas. After a final humiliation, desperate Mimi realizes that if she wants her mother’s attention, she must act like her mother: ruthlessly. What happens when the person you pretend to be becomes the person you are?


Written by Jérémie Delon. 

Billy Bones, the new rap phenomena concludes his US tour at a strip club in Atlanta, leading up to a violent shootout during his performance.


Written by Catherine S. McMullen and to be directed by Aislinn Clarke.

A social worker and journalist is called to investigate a case in a small town in Ireland involving a young boy who sneaks into the woods at night to visit his mysterious friend named Thomas. This is an adapation of the Shane Dunphy story as featured on the Snap Judgement podcast (episode VII, "A Boy Named Thomas"). 


Written by Richard Norris

A bereaved father struggling with the loss of his young daughter finds a renewed sense of hope after her convicted killer retracts an earlier confession. 


Written by Amber Trentham (OFF THE TRAILS)

In a remote village, a shy teenage girl's physical appearance begins to change after she uncovers a terrifying family secret. 


Written by Aaron and Adam Nee

When two divided sisters visit their father in his secluded woodland home, they are forced to grapple with their differences and unite to face a monster.